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Exit UK

Engagement and Support


Today, Britain is changing as people become more mobile around the world and our country is becoming more diverse. People are worried about many things, such as child grooming, Immigration, the EU, terrorism; and many other issues that cause real concern.


Many of these genuine issues are felt by ordinary people within our communities, they are not just issues the Far Right seeks to grow on, but issues people from all walks of life are really worried about. But here is where the Far Right seeks to recruit you.


Promoting a picture that they are the only ones who care and listen, the Far Right seek to recruit people who are frustrated and looking for answers. Here some will take that step and get involved with the Far Right if no-one listens and we should know, we did.


However now there are alternatives, one's where people can talk about issues that really concern them at our Safe Space Café days or where people can get involved with groups such as 1 England where people can still be Patriotic, but without being seen as racist, promoting inclusive patriotism.


Exit UK itself operates nationwide and without judgement, we listen to people, about their concerns; their fears; their stories and if we can, we offer support and advice,


Giving formers support, we stand with them every step of the way and whatever you decide, we will be there.


Exit UK believe one of the most crucial steps forward is simply talking through and sharing with people, formers stories. Accepting what you have done, what you have believed and coming to terms with what you did.


We know many people will never want to talk to people with ' Far Right' views as they simply will never understand how people can become involved, but we do and  it is from this position we can talk, listen and develop real relationships and offer alternatives, that don’t include violence and hatred.


Exit UK’s position is unique; we want to get people out of the Far Right as well as listen to ordinary people’s concerns which could be used by the Far Right to get them involved.


Understanding we will never judge and all information is totally confidential if you want to talk, we are here.

Can You Trust Us?

The simple answer is YES! We have been there.


We understand totally people are worried about talking to people about things that many would simply shout 'Racist' at. That isn't us.


Our aim is to minimise confrontation, stop violence and ease hatred.


Asked why we do this, here's why -



Far Right involvement brings with it many issues poor job prospects, family break up, prison, and violent assault are just a few of things people suffer through being Far Right activists.


Now out, we know trust is a big issue and thats why we dedicate ourselves to Exit UK and give our time and money to it.

So when anyone says can you trust us, you can.


We have not only been through this process once, but now we are dedicated to doing it again and again and again as we get more people out of the Far Right and back into society where they belong.


Exit UK is made up of people who show their courage and conviction every day.

Commited to creating a safer society for everyone.


If you need us, just get in touch.

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