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Exit UK




Exit UK understands that not only must we operate supporting people to get out of Far Right Extremism and their families, but we also need to work to raise awareness.


Believeing the earlier we do this the better, Exit UK seeks to create Safe Spaces.


Safe Spaces are a must to allow people to talk about things that concern them. Only when we know why people are angry will we be able to look and find answers.


Controversial yes, but this is the only way we can decrease hatred and division.


If you need a Safe Space creating with quality facilitators, then get in touch. We are a volunteer organisation and seek nothing more than a cup of tea, a  donation and travel costs.


Email us at:

Community Action

Let's Talk

Safe space cafes between formers, communities or young people offer a crucial way forward where people can talk about the issues of the day and get a clear understanding of what the reality of extremist life is like and that extremism is never the answer.

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