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Exit UK

Exit UK Is an Independent grassroots led Initiative, which seeks to support people who want to get out of Far Right Extremism. Starting by listening to people we hope to encourage people involved to leave the Far Right and build new lives, becoming valued citizens.


But to do this right, takes time, dedication and trust.


Exit UK seeks to minimise confrontation, listen to people’s genuine concerns and help people keep out of trouble.


WE ARE NOT THE POLICE, We are Independent Formers who want to help people and make communities safer.


If you would like a chat, with people who REALLY understand, then please get in touch and leave us a message. We will contact you ASAP.






Formed in 2017, we are a new project, supported by Small Steps Consultants Ltd. A community focused company set up by Former Far Right activists who work in schools, colleges, universities, with community groups and third sector organisations giving talks about what it is really like in the Far Right.


Understanding of why people get involved in far fight extremism, the need to do something for your country and the stages people go through as the frustration sets in.  We also understand when the questions start what happens next, the feelings of guilt to a movement you have given your life to, the areas you want to look at for clarification, the need for the safety of you, your family and finally the huge step of coming out of the Far Right and rejecting extremism as a way of life forever.


In 2017 a number of formers decided to set up Exit UK.  Aimed at both Far Right activists and also the wider community.


Now focused on the future we want to raise awareness of the dangers of the Far Right and develop an alternative for people wanting to leave extremism behind.


From the very first step, we will be with you all the way and everything is in complete confidence.


We do not share any information on individuals with anyone other than trusted Exit UK volunteers. That’s a guarantee from us to you.


Exit UK is here when you need us. No judgement, just people who know what it’s like. Who understand and want to help.


Want to talk? Email us at






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